H&M Mauritz Archive Collection x Wood and Rags >

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The truth is: I’ve never been a big H&M fan. I admit that I shop at H&M once in a while but it’s certainly not a mandatory stop in my shopping routine. In the past few years there were many collabs that tickled my curiosity: Lanvin, Marni (that I actually loved on paper) or Maison Martin Margiela, these collabs where picture perfect … Continue reading >

Campout recap: We all went “Hazelnuts” >

We all went “hazelnuts” for this one: the Nike Lebron X EXT Brown Suede, nicknamed “the hazelnuts” was dropping the 6th of June and yours truly just had to cop them. The thing with a Lebron like “the hazelnuts” is that every sneaker aficionado wants them. They are dropping just once in limited quantities and in limited shops, that only means one … Continue reading >

I love Belgium >

Sweater: A Cut Above – Pants: Levi’s 511 – Kicks: Nike Roshe Metric – Bracelet: Buddha to Buddha – Cap: A Cut Above – Sunglasses: Moscot Lemtosh I love Belgium, that’s a fact. I’m particularly proud of what we make and produce. Aside the French fries that are actually “Belgian” fries and “Manneken Pis”, we guys have a lot more to offer. … Continue reading >

Tony Kelly: Playboy Poolside (Video) >

Tony Kelly started his career at Independent Newspaper Group and learned the tricks of the trade at places that most of us would avoid: the civil war in Rwanda or even the war in Afghanistan. Afterwards, luckily for us, he changed direction and moved his focus to fashion. Not being afraid of flesh and emotions he rapidly set his trademark and started … Continue reading >

First floral then Paisley >

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Blazer: H&M – Paisley shirt: Penfield – Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster – Pants: Levi’s 511 commuter Belt: Closed – Shoes: Nike SB Stefan Janoski – Bag: Freitag F46 Clark – Bracelets: DIY Like said before, I’m in a floral state of mind. Is it because of the street trends that flow on a floral vibe the last few months? Or is it because … Continue reading >

Air Jordan V: Is that grape juice? >

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Amsterdam: City street confidence >

Floral sweater: Scotch and Soda – Denim: Lee – Cap: Patta – Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer Liteforce – Shoes: Palladium These last few months I’ve had an obsession with everything floral: from floral tattoos to floral camo sneaker-prints or even staring at random peonies on Instagram. Floral prints are hot and my urge to buy me something floral grew with the second. … Continue reading >

Timber: Rule(d) by nature (The Tales of WaR S02E02) >

Nature can be intimidating: large trees with crowns as high as buildings, mile long rivers carving their way trough marble rocks and winds as sharp as Ginsu knives. We can’t win against nature, maybe it’s that what makes it so beautiful. Vast massive landscapes can take your breath away, but it also can make you feel tiny and non-essential. When something is … Continue reading >

Brand of the month: Hard Graft >

Hard Graft… A brand that I loved since their start. Back in 2006 monie.ka and James started their own little company: Working Class Heroes. A brand that I noticed due to their innovative and well-detailed laptop-bag: The Unfold. In 2008, with the spirit of Working Class Heroes in mind, their new dreamy Austrian and creative English company was born: Hard Graft, a … Continue reading >

Brotherhood: Taste shaped by time (The Tales of WaR S01E02) >

I don’t have the exact same taste as my brother as far as clothes are concerned, but I can say that growing up next to him has shaped my taste. In his younger days my brother was an avid skate enthusiast. My brother being 12 years older than me he was a real hero to me. I was wearing the same baggy … Continue reading >