The Midas Touch: Wood and Rags x Happy Nails >

Burger and Nails, maybe not the most obvious blend but it sure fits. I’m a sucker for burgers and when it comes to nails… well let’s say I know too much about nails than commonly accepted in my “manly” world. Blame my sisters from the hood, the beauty-bloggin’ hood that is. Elfi from Happy Nails is one of those girls that can … Continue reading >

Grilled at WaR: From East to West Hamburger >

It’s all about fusion these days, even in “fast food” section: pizza Tartiflette, roast beef maki’s or in this case Eastern inspired burgers. The eastern kitchen, their nuance in flavours and adventurous veggies that we “Westerners” don’t commonly use it’s just fascinating. So why not play with these flavours and make a good ol’ hamburger. For this burger I’ve got my inspiration … Continue reading >

Luscious Summer x Wood and Rags >

Finally! After having to keep my mouth shut for the last gazillion of months I now can speak freely: I joined forces with the lovely Marta from the Princess Misia blog for the summer edition of her Luscious magazine. I met Marta a few month back as at the “Blog Works” were she was giving a food photography workshop. We started talking … Continue reading >

Cocktails at WaR: The Bloody Mary >

The Bloody Mary: a punchy lovable cocktail. For some of you not the most attractive cocktail on the menu, but I like this one served ice cold on a hot summer night. This cocktail was served for the first time in 1921 at the “New York Bar” in Paris by bartender Fernand Petiot or maybe it was George Jessel in 1939: who … Continue reading >

Grilled at WaR: The unexpected chilli lamb burger >

When having unexpected visitors at dinner it’s always good to have some minced meat in the freezer. Burgers always have worked for me when I didn’t know what to cook and it has never disappointed any of my friends so far. Two weeks ago Kim and Afrodite were meeting up a stone’s throw from my home, they texted me to ask me … Continue reading >

Cocktails at WaR: The Gibson >

The Gibson: a dry Martini alternative. There are numerous stories about the origin of “the Gibson”, some more credible than others. My favourite of all these myths must be the one about Hugh Simons Gibson, an American diplomat/businessman who loved to drink with his clients. But being a secret teetotaller he asked the bartender to replace his dry Martini with water, garnished … Continue reading >

Amsterdam: The (h)Amsterburger >

In Amsterdam the girls and I stayed in a lovely loft with a fully equipped kitchen and a view on the most enchanting little garden ever. The moment I stepped in our little pad, I had a feeling that I had to make some burgers for the lovely ladies and if I hadn’t come up with the idea, the girls would have … Continue reading >

Knights by Night: My Rossini burger (ToW S03E03) >

A beef filet Rossini: a nice “filet pur” with a slice of foie gras and Port truffle sauce. This is one of many ways to eat your “filet pur” but it’s definitely one of my favourite variations. And there is no “Tales of WaR” without a burger so here is my very own Rossini burger! Ingredients for 2 servings: a non-sliced grey … Continue reading >

Knights by Night: Tom Collins (ToW S03E02) >

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Like you guys know I’m a gin lover and when I see an unknown bottle in a liquor store I will very likely not leave the store empty handed. This time I gave in to a bottle of Filliers dry gin 28, the first Belgian gin and based on a recipe from the late 40′s. This smooth fruity and floral gin is … Continue reading >

Knights by Night: A Lifetime Achievement Award (ToW S03E01) >

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Damien and I go a long way, since my birth actually. He lived across the street, a curious toddler, and being three years older than me he wasn’t immediately allowed to play with me so he tagged along with my parents when they were walking me and waited patiently until I could walk on my own. The years afterward we played, fought, … Continue reading >