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I’m not so fond of whisky but my brother is, he loves it. So I had to come up with a cocktail that could be appreciated by the both of us. There is one whisky-based cocktail that I really like to drink and that’s the Horse’s Neck. Quite a coincidence because we saw some rare wild horses across the lake!

There is nothing fancy about the name neither about its history. At first the Horse’s Neck was a non-alcoholic cocktail (What a shame!). But 30 years after its introduction, circa 1920, some (wise) guys added bourbon. This cocktail was a 60′s navy officer signature drink but today it will be ours.


4,5 cl of Bourbon whiskey
6 drops of Angostura bitters
1 long lemon zest
ginger ale

When packing I forgot the lemons and my cocktail spoon, we made it without. Make sure you make yours with the lemon zest, it’s quite a difference.

Fill a Collins glass with ice cubes. (Not too full, you don’t want to freeze your lips!) Add the Bourbon and Angostura bitters. (Try to) Cut the lemon zest above your glass, so the essential oils can end up right where you want them. Put in the zest and top with the ginger ale using a cocktail spoon. Stir it slowly.


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    I love whiskey, need to try this! Mooie glazen ook!