Cocktails at WaR: Negroni >

This cocktail has to be my most frequently ordered drink at “Cocktails at nine” in Antwerp: their Negroni is superb. In 1919 count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender Fosco Scarselli if he could spice up his favourite cocktail: the Americano. Fosco fulfilled his wish and added gin and some orange: the Negroni was born. For me, this simple Italian cocktail definitely deserves a spot in my cocktail top 5 list!


3 cl Campari
3 cl gin
3 cl red vermouth
2 pieces of orange

Cut two pieces of orange and put them in a tumbler glass. Jab the two orange pieces with a fork or cocktail-spoon to release the juice and aromas. Pour in the Campari, gin and red vermouth. Fill up with ice and stir gently with a cocktail-spoon.


  • Patricia

    I like, scratch that, love gin cocktails, but I never had one of these… Time to try it!