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This cocktail has to be thé best Gin & Tonic derivate in the world! Created recently by Belgian mixologist Manuel Wauters, this unusual cocktail surprises everyone, even the not so Gin & Tonic minded. The peculiarity of this cocktail? Lavender!


1 ts of lavender flowers
1 ts of sugar cane
4,5 cl of gin
1 half a lemon

Put the lavender flowers in a mixing glass. (If you cut them freshly, try to cut the oldest flowers first, the younger ones have the tendency to taste “greenish”.) Pour in the sugar cane and muddle the flowers. Add the gin. Take your lemon half and squeeze it out in your mixing glass. Fill up the Boston shaker with ice, close it up with the mixing glass and shake firmly. Fill a Collins glass with ice cubes, double strain your cocktail into the glass and top up with tonic. Garnish with a piece of lemon.


  • Patricia

    Okay, this is so my new favorite. G&T and lavender!! Yes please!