Brand of the month: March LA.B >

How could we not fall in love with March LA.B? A mix of, Swiss know how, French heritage detailing and LA sunshine makes this brand hard to resist. We can say that wearing a March LA.b timepiece is like wearing a calfskin leather band covered with Toblerone chocolate while surfing a big wave, kind of… same feeling.

March LA.B is the brainchild of Alain Marhic, a French sports enthusiast and entrepreneur. After leaving Quicksilver in 2008 as the Director of Operations for the watch and eyewear division, he followed his dream and started the March LA.B odyssey… and with success. With collaborations with the French hipster store Colette or the legendary car manufacturer Shelby they are putting themselves on the map.

From automatic to manual watches, wrist or pocket, for men and women: they are all detailed with care and build like immortal superheroes. March LA.B is the synonym for gorgeous masterpieces at a correct price.

And to all you Swiss people, if you still have a nameless mountain peak in your Alps, call it March LA.B peak: because soon they will be on top of the world.