Brotherhood: The beginning (The Tales of WaR S01E01) >

“The Tales of WaR” will be a monthly topic (or at least I will try) where one of my best buds and I will make a trip, where we will cook, drink and chat. This way you guys can have a glimpse of my daily life and I will have a good time and a perfect souvenir of each trip.

We all have friends, we all have moms and dads, but we don’t all have a brother. For me my brother is a lot more than just a kinsman; he’s my godfather, my best friend and my mentor. We shared our toys for years, he taught me how to beat my buds on every possible gaming console and helped me build my first website. He helped me shape myself to be the man I am now. It’s not only about friendship or being blood related, it’s the whole package: the brotherhood.

This week you will discover what my brother and I ate, drank, wore and talked about in the first season (as I like to call it) of “The Tales of WaR”: Brotherhood.



  • brunetteblogging

    Cool post! Love the idea behind it, very original.

  • immi

    Super cool concept!!