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I don’t have the exact same taste as my brother as far as clothes are concerned, but I can say that growing up next to him has shaped my taste. In his younger days my brother was an avid skate enthusiast. My brother being 12 years older than me he was a real hero to me. I was wearing the same baggy pants as he did, trying out the same tricks as he did, but in either way, I was really sucking at it! But I loved the whole “street” atmosphere and I still do.

I quickly stopped skating, maybe because my brother was tired of teaching me. I wasn’t getting anywhere anyway so I completely understand him. I started rollerskating, on my own, I was pretty good at it but it wasn’t the same without my brother.

Now 15 years later I still love sneakers, I still love street-wear and I still love skate decks even if it’s just to look at them. But my taste evolved in time, I made it my own instead of being a carbon copy of my brother’s.

Regardless of age, as brothers you have a lot in common. Your interests, your clothing style or your taste may vary, but the root is the same. If I say that oak is the most beautiful type of wood, my brother will say it’s walnut, a completely different texture, a completely different color but it’s still wood.

Brotherhood is being different, yet still alike.

Jacket – Penfield
Shirt – Norse Projects (Buy here)
Pants – Norse Projects (Buy here)
Shoes – Patta x Kangaroos
Spectacles – Dolce Gabbana

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