Oakley Airwave Goggle >

With the Airwave, Oakley, raises the standards of snow-goggles once again. Apart from being equipped with Oakley’s already renowned Switchlock technology (interchangeable lens mechanism) it’s fully packed with James Bond worthy features. With an altimeter, speedometer, Bluetooth, jump statistics program and GPS linked to your iPhone these goggles will tell you everything you want from your exact position on the slopes (with integrated maps of the most popular ski resorts) to how long your jump was before you crashed, and that from a heads up display. Reading text messages, controlling your music and checking your descent speed is a piece of cake with the included wrist remote. This thing will change the way you look at skiing or snowboarding. You can challenge yourself of beating your speed-record or beating your longest or highest jump and push yourself to the limits. These goggles will retail at a price of €599 and will hit the stores from 31st of October. Stop me from buying them, I want them bad!