Brand of the month: Hard Graft >

Hard Graft… A brand that I loved since their start. Back in 2006 monie.ka and James started their own little company: Working Class Heroes. A brand that I noticed due to their innovative and well-detailed laptop-bag: The Unfold.

In 2008, with the spirit of Working Class Heroes in mind, their new dreamy Austrian and creative English company was born: Hard Graft, a company that makes exquisite lifestyle and tech accessories. Wallets, shoes, iPad cases… one by one designed and made by hand with extreme care and love.

What do I love so much about Hard Graft except their beautiful products? Hard graft isn’t a huge company but it’s a million dollar company when it comes to branding. Every tag, every stitch, every picture or product-name is sought after, they leave nothing to chance. And that’s the same for the materials they use.

Über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, dyed in age old wooden drums! German felt, a 100% wool blend that is robust yet very soft and the famous British heavyweight waxed cotton canvas: piece-by-piece materials that can last a lifetime. But with great materials, comes the need for great craftsmanship. That’s where “The Brothers” come in: all the Hard Graft designs are handmade by a family run workshop in Italy. They help monie.ka and James in the design process and make sure the products are durable and extremely well finished.

With superb designs, three types of leather, 100% wool felt and waxed canvas: Hard Graft surely has something for you. My current favourite? The MacBook Pro Zip Sleeve from the #OldFashioned collection, a collection that will launch the 23rd of November. But what’s your favourite?