Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed edition by Afzal Kahn >

Harris Tweed: a fabric that I love. The Land Rover Defender: a car that I adore. Both British, both with a history worth mentioning but I won’t bother you with that, at least not for today.

Mix these two together, add a dash of the British car tuner Afzal Kahn and you get an exquisite blended car: the “Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed edition by Afzal Kahn” a mouth full for a genuine bad ass car.

Afzal Kahn did one hell of a job with the interior: you will find the traditional Harris Tweed on parts of the black quilted leather seats, the headliner, the sun visors, the dashboard and door trims. The instrument panel gauges are colour matched with the Harris Tweed and the dashboard has a piano black finish with black leather coating and red stitching. This rugged 4×4′s interior is gorgeous, and it’s the inside that counts, right guys?

For the exterior of the Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed Edition, Afzal Kahn kept it clean. Entirely black with matte black bumpers, matte wheel arch extensions, matte headlamp surrounds and a matt stainless steel front grille with an embossed A. Kahn logo. Other enhancements are the LED headlights, clear rear and side light repeaters, über cool fender air vents, a “chromed out” (yes Astrid B.) exhaust pipe and black 18-inch 1983 Defender alloy wheels.

A 100% British blend of history, sturdiness, style and luxury by the hand of Afzal Kahn: this is what you want for Christmas, or at least, what I want.

  • Lisha

    Genuine bad ass car, indeed. #loveit