Timber: Settling down (The Tales of WaR S02E01) >

Everyone knows the feeling: that feeling when everything becomes too much, the feeling that you want to run away from your problems and never come back. It just sucks big time, nevertheless, most people have little tricks to cope with such a feeling and so have I.

Being on my own can gives me a lot of new positive energy, it gives me time to think and contemplate about the things that bother me the most. But with cell phones, landlines and the Internet nowadays: you are never really on your own. My trick? Tell everyone that you are going for a logging trip in the woods and there’s a 99% probability that nobody will get ecstatic and beg you to tag along. The woods = lousy cell phone coverage and therefore a damn good excuse for not answering your phone.

This week Volvo asked me to take their all new V40 for a spin, so I thought that it could be the perfect moment to hit the road and head for my favourite habitat: the woods.

In this season of “The Tales of WaR” you will see me driving, logging, grilling and brewing, in other words: my own little tricks to settle down and take a breath.

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    i like!

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    goede ontsnappingstruc heb je daar!