Brotherhood: Parmentier Burger (The Tales of War S01E04) >

The famous Parmentier oven-dish: a dish with spinach, mashed potatoes and minced pork topped with cheese, a dish that my brother adores. I’ve got a weakness for burgers so it was pretty obvious I had to make a new interpretation of this Parmentier oven-dish, simple: the Parmentier burger. Ingredients for 2 servings: 4 buns None grated Parmesan cheese For the burger: 300 … Continue reading >

Brotherhood: The Horse’s Neck (The Tales of WaR S01E03) >

I’m not so fond of whisky but my brother is, he loves it. So I had to come up with a cocktail that could be appreciated by the both of us. There is one whisky-based cocktail that I really like to drink and that’s the Horse’s Neck. Quite a coincidence because we saw some rare wild horses across the lake! There is … Continue reading >

Brotherhood: Taste shaped by time (The Tales of WaR S01E02) >

I don’t have the exact same taste as my brother as far as clothes are concerned, but I can say that growing up next to him has shaped my taste. In his younger days my brother was an avid skate enthusiast. My brother being 12 years older than me he was a real hero to me. I was wearing the same baggy … Continue reading >

Brotherhood: The beginning (The Tales of WaR S01E01) >

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“The Tales of WaR” will be a monthly topic (or at least I will try) where one of my best buds and I will make a trip, where we will cook, drink and chat. This way you guys can have a glimpse of my daily life and I will have a good time and a perfect souvenir of each trip. We all … Continue reading >